OT Driving Assessment Sydney

The importance of driving
For many people, the ability to drive is a critical aspect of their lives. Driving allows people to travel freely and enhances their independence and may be essential for employment opportunities and engaging with their community. However, while driving may easily be taken for granted by those are fortunate to carry out […]

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Information on OT Driving Assessments

If you have been recommended for an Occupational Therapy (OT) Driving Assessment, this article outlines what is involved in the procedure.

Firstly, it is useful to understand the area of occupational therapy. An Occupational Therapist is an allied health worker who helps people improve their independence. Usually, OTs work with people who have medical conditions or […]

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Driving and the NDIS

What is the NDIS?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) began its rollout across Australia in 2016. It is the nationwide government-funded program in which Australians up to 65 years of age with a chronic medical condition or disability can avail of formal supports and therapies. To be eligible to become an NDIS participant, an individual […]

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Dealing with driving cessation

For many people, driving is a crucial part of their lives, but it is often something taken for granted. It can be easy to forget that there is a complex level of coordination required between physical, visual and cognitive skills to drive safely. Driving enables individuals to be independent, as it allows them the freedom […]

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Driving with lower limb amputations

Recommencing driving after a lower limb amputation
In today’s technological advanced environment, it is possible for a person who has had one or both lower limbs amputated to return to driving. This article will discuss what is involved in New South Wales to successfully regain your licence following this significant event.
What happens to my licence after a […]

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Driving with autism

Can a person with a diagnosis of autism drive?
A medical diagnosis of autism does not mean that a person cannot drive. However, in Australia, an individual with a medical condition that may impact on their ability to drive is required to declare the condition to the relevant authority. In NSW, this is usually declared when […]

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Managing anxiety while driving

Driving is a complex activity that requires a high level of ability and coordination between one’s physical, visual and cognitive faculties. It is also the riskiest activity that most people engage in on a daily basis. For some people, driving can cause anxiety, the level of which varies from one person to another. Individuals may […]

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Stroke and driving

What is a stroke?
A stroke involves blood flow being blocked off to an area of the brain, robbing the brain of oxygen. When this occurs, brain cells start to perish, and that part of the brain begins to lose muscle control. A stroke can occur at any time, to any individual, and the effects of […]

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The outcome of an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment

Welcome to Part 3/3
This is the 3rd instalment of a series of articles explaining the entire process of an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment. Before reading this article, it is recommended that the following articles are read in order to obtain a detailed understanding of what is involved.

P1. The Off-Road Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment explained
P2. The […]

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Does having dementia mean you need to cease driving?

Dementia is a deteriorating cognitive condition that differs in severity for each individual, and its prevalence continues to increase. It can negatively affect people’s short term memory, attention and decision making, which are all cognitive skills that are required for driving. The severity and progression of the illness will determine if a person is at […]

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