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Occupational Therapy driving assessments are considered the gold standard in being able to determine a person’s ability to drive. Modified Driving Solutions assess people with progressive neurological conditions such as dementia, parkinsons disease and MS. We also see people who have sustained a brain injury, stroke or spinal cord injuries. Due to the myriad of diagnoses that people present with, each assessment is treated on a unique individual basis. The following is a representation of the client population.


Senior Citizens

Although aging is not a diagnosis or medical condition in itself, the elderly population may present with a range of restrictions which may limit their capacity to drive in  a safe manner. In the elderly population it is common to  assess a person with multiple health conditions including Osteoarthritis, Cardiovascular and Respitory diseases. The symptoms that manifest from these conditions affect people in different ways, therefore it is important that an OT implements a systematic and objective approach in order to determine the person’s ability to drive safely.

For many senior citizens, holding a licence is an integral part of their everyday life. It is a  symbol of their independence, which connects them with the wider community and helps maintain control of their life. Driving is, however, a complex task involving the integration of visual, physical, cognitive and psychosocial skills in a rapidly changing environment. Any loss of function due to the ageing process may impact on a person’s ability to drive safely.

Retaining a licence under the RMS guidelines can be a complex process when an elderly person presents with  multiple health concerns. Families and GPs should be able to assist a person who may appear unsafe when driving, however this may provoke difficult conversations. Therefore, it is recommended that an independent specialist such as an Occupational Therapist be used to determine if the person is able to drive to RMS standards.

At Modified Driving Solutions we have experts who are specifically trained in assessing and understanding the physical and cognitive impact that a wide range of medical conditions may have on senior citizens. If you would like more information on how this process works please contact us via email at [email protected]

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment