The holder of a NSW driver’s licence is legally responsible to notify the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) if they have a permanent or long term medical condition that is likely to affect their ability to drive safely.

As a health or Medical practitioner, you are encouraged to voluntarily report a patient if you have concerns that they won’t notify the RMS or pose a risk to themselves and their community when driving.

Many doctors are understandably not willing to report their patients to the transport authorities, as this may damage the doctor-patient relationship. Therefore it is widely recommended that the use of an independent specialist, such as an Occupational Therapist, is used to bridge this challenge, and to provide an unbiased opinion on fitness to drive.

The Occupational Therapist from Modified Driving Solutions are  trained in assessing and understanding the physical or cognitive impact of a wide range of medical conditions which qualifies us to come to an object, non-biased decision on the person’s ability to drive safely.