Following a road accident, you may require supports to safely return to driving. This can be a lengthy and complex process depending on your injury (or injuries). But what if there was a quicker, more personalised, and supportive way to get you back on the road? If this sounds like something that interests you, you’re at the right place.

Our Occupational Therapist (OT’s) at Modified Driving Solutions aim to provide this support across Sydney and Greater Sydney areas. We offer empathy and understanding to individuals in the difficult circumstances of trying to recover from motor vehicle accidents under the Lifetime Care program.

Here’s why you should consider Modified Driving Solutions if you’re a participant of Lifetime Care:

Short Waiting Lists

We believe that your driving shouldn’t be on hold more than it needs to be. Unlike long, frustrating waitlists of other providers, Modified Driving Solutions will prioritise your assessment, and you’ll typically have to wait only 2-3 weeks from point of contact. We understand the urgency of regaining independence and facilitating your return to the road.

Providing Care at Your Doorstep

Having to attend an unfamiliar location during recovery can be difficult and inconvenient, especially if you can’t currently drive. With Modified Driving Solutions, we will come to you! We conduct the OT driving assessments in the comfort of your own home, and family and friends are welcome to attend.

Report submitted in 24 Hours

At Modified Driving Solutions, we believe in providing you and your Lifetime Care team with quick outcomes. We complete the OT driving assessment report and submit it to the Roads and Maritime (RMS) within 24 hours of your assessment. This ensures that you can legally return behind the wheel promptly, but any additional supports that have been recommended can be organised as soon as possible.

Beyond the Assessment

Our commitment to your driving doesn’t end with the report. Sometimes, drivers may require vehicle modifications or additional driving lessons to get them back to driving safely. In such instances, we can link you up with suitable driving instructors and recommend vehicle modifiers. The driving instructors we work with have specialised experience with working with drivers coming back from injury. Further, your licence may also have new or additional conditions following the assessment. We understand that this process can be confusing and overwhelming for people, so we offer a supported transition back to confident driving, including following up with the RMS if needed.

Our Expertise Makes a Difference

Our team consists of highly qualified occupational therapists with specialised experience. At Modified Driving Solutions, we conduct ONLY OT driving assessment and have been providing this service for Lifetime Care participants since 2015. This extensive experience means that we have developed a keen understanding of post-accident challenges, enabling us to provide a more sensitive and tailored approach.

Liaising with Lifetime Care

We realise that when you’re recovering from serious injury, you don’t want to be worrying about paperwork and constantly dealing with insurance case managers. As much as possible, we collaborate directly with your case worker at Lifetime Care to make the process easier for you.

Beyond Sydney, Reaching Out

While we primarily service Sydney and surrounding areas, we may be able to travel to travel to your location. We know that it can be hard to find specialised services like Modified Driving Solutions outside of major cities. Our therapists may be available to attend areas beyond Sydney and Greater Sydney.

Reclaiming Your Freedom Begins Today

Don’t let the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident define your mobility and independence. Take the first step towards experiencing sitting behind the wheel again. Our swift and personalised approach can guide you on your journey back to confident driving. We can be the bridge between your accident and returning onto the open road. Start the conversation today and reclaim your journey!

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