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How Modified Driving Solutions can help you

For many people, driving is a crucial part of their lives and allows them to be independent and engage with their community. However, driving is a skill that requires coordination of one’s visual, cognitive, emotional and physical abilities. Factors such as injury or illness can affect an individual’s driving, and any changes in one or more of the mentioned areas can affect one’s driving capacity.

Modified Driving Solutions has Occupational Therapist (OT’s) that specialise in working with drivers with a wide variety of medical conditions, helping them to improve independence in this important activity. We also work with Driving Instructors who are trained in driver rehabilitation and are specially qualified to work with people with different injuries and medical diagnoses.

Choose us because we have:

  • Affordable fees
  • Short waiting lists
  • Our staff are friendly, professional and experienced in this specialized field
  • We offer flexible availability for assessments, including weekends
  • You will know the outcome immediately following the assessment
  • We are a registered NDIS provider
  • RMS are notified within 24hours of the assessment’s outcome

The Assessment Process

Occupational Therapy driving assessment in Penrith takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. The OT attends your residence and completes an Off-road component (also called a clinical assessment). The driving instructor also attends your home and is involved in the On-road driving assessment, where the client drives a dual controlled car (with modifications or driving aids as necessary) around their local community. The assessment looks at the impact (if any) that your medical condition has on your driving capacity.
At the completion of the assessment, the OT will inform you of the outcomes and recommendations from the assessment. Possible outcomes include:

  • maintaining your licence status
  • completing driver rehabilitation lessons
  • requiring specific vehicle modifications or driving aids
  • temporary suspension of your licence (during medical recovery); or
  • cancellation of your licence.

The OT will then send the final report to you, your doctor (or referral source/service) and the RMS.

ot driving assessment penrith
occupational therapy driving assessment

What health conditions do we work with?

We can provide Occupational Therapy driving assessments in Penrith and we have extensive experience in working with drivers with various medical diagnoses. These include different physical and spinal injuries, cognitive conditions (e.g. intellectual disability, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), brain injuries, people with amputations, autism, mental health conditions, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

It is to note that we do not complete Older Driver assessments. The older driver licencing system is different – visit for more information if you do not have a medical condition but are an older driver (over 70 years old).

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