Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments in Narellan with Modified Driving Solutions

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I need an OT driving assessment in Narellan. What do I do now?

At Modified Driving Solutions, we have qualified Occupational Therapists who travel to your home to perform the driving assessment. Our staff cover the suburb of Narellan and all surrounding suburbs of the Macarthur region.

The first step is for the OT to find out about your relevant medical and driving history, and the main reason you are required to complete the assessment. The OT will also want to know if you are likely to require vehicle modifications on the day of the test. We can test people in manual or automatic vehicles.

Once a time and date for your assessment is confirmed, there are two main portions of the assessment:

  • Off-road part: The OT will execute visual, cognitive and physical tests to determine if there are any obvious deficits in these three crucial areas of driving.
  • On-road part: You will then drive the driving instructor’s vehicle for approximately one hour. You will be asked to drive in various traffic environments in the Narellan area and surrounding suburbs. The instructor will be able to use the emergency brake if required. As a general guide, if the instructor is not required to physically interfere during the assessment (by either taking control of the steering wheel or activating the emergency brake), you will likely pass the assessment. It is also important to note that minor mistakes you might make due to being anxious, unfamiliar with the vehicle, or related to bad driving habits, are usually overlooked.

What happens after the assessment?

After the assessment, the OT will let you know how you performed in the assessment. The OT will then formulate the report with recommendations, which will be sent to your referring doctor, RMS and any other relevant person or body (e.g., insurance company, workplace, NDIS).

There are 3 possible results following the assessment and what the OT will recommend:

  • Your medical issue is not currently disturbing your driving capacity and you can return to driving as you were previously.
  • Your medical issue is having some impact on your driving and you require additional driving lessons and/or vehicle modifications (for physical conditions). The OT will recommend a driving rehabilitation program for you to complete.
  • Your medical issue is significantly affecting your driving ability and further lessons, or modifications will not be beneficial. In this situation, the OT will recommend that your licence is cancelled.

How much does the assessment in Narellan cost?

The cost of the OT driving assessment in Narellan varies depending on your situation and licence class you are wanting assessed. For a quote tailored to your personal needs, contact one of our OTs now!

It is also possible for the cost of the driving assessment to be covered by agencies such as the NDIS, worker’s compensation or other insurance claims.

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