Welcome to our landing page for occupational therapy (OT) driving assessment. Modified Driving Solutions specialize in assisting people with disabilities to achieve independence and freedom through safe and accessible driving. One of the ways we do this is by helping participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) secure funding for vehicle modifications, such as including hand controls and traveling and driving from a wheelchair.

Hand Controls

For individuals with lower limb disabilities or amputations, hand controls can be a safe and comfortable way to operate the vehicle’s foot controls with their hands.

There are a range of hand controls, including push/pull controls, satellite accelerator, and radial controls. Hand controls can be customised to the individual driver’s specific needs. Our occupational therapists are friendly and experienced and can help determine the hand controls most appropriate and safe for the individual. We can then assist in accessing NDIS funding for the modification, as the NDIS requires an OT report before approving funding for any vehicle modifications. This is often referred to as the “NDIS Assistive technology report form”.

Travelling and Driving from a Wheelchair

In the past, individuals who were confined to wheelchairs did not have the opportunity to drive. Today, technological advancements can be life-changing for individuals in wheelchairs, as they can now drive from their wheelchair. Types of modifications include installing a lift or ramp enabling the person to enter and exit the vehicle in their wheelchair. The vehicle is also modified so the individual can drive from their wheelchair, eliminating the need to transfer in/out of the wheelchair. The person can use hand controls and other adaptations to drive.

Our driver trained occupational therapists are committed to helping individuals with disabilities enhance their self-sufficiency and freedom through safe and accessible driving. If you or a loved one are considering vehicle modifications under the NDIS, contact us to schedule a driving assessment and learn more about your options.

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