With over 18 million registered motor vehicles having been reported in the 2015 motor vehicle consensus in Australia and the number of serious problems caused on roads this year having been 408 occurrences since January, a call for what we as citizens can do to help out in lowering that number is raised.

You may be someone who needs this list or maybe you know someone who requires a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Whatever your reasoning is, here are a few things you can do to help get yourself ready for Australian Roads.

  1. Stay Healthy.

This one should be a “no-brainer” but statistically, we are finding many Australians to not really consider their own health before getting behind the wheel. Each year, many Australians get in the car yawning and never get out because they have fallen asleep whilst driving. The worst part of this is that it is generally not only the driver who is killed, but their passengers or other people on the road.

Something you can do to help lower this number is go and get checked up at your GP. Ensure you aren’t suffering any major health problems or even minor ones that can cause a problem whilst driving. Major killers on roads include the following health problems:

  • Sleep depravation
  • Heart problems
  • Sight problems

Having yourself checked up will greatly reduce your risk of getting yourself or others killed.

  1. Drive Medical

Don’t know what a drive medical is? Well it’s time you found out. A drive medical provides occupational therapy driving assessments, driver rehabilitation and vehicle modifications. Basically, if you have found that, with age, you have lost your ability to drive to a safe standard, are disabled, or simply think you are unable to drive to the best of your ability, this will help you.

A drive medical will also provide products and services that assist anyone with disabilities inhibiting their movement and ability for transporting themselves. If you feel you need a little assistance, investigate getting a drive medical today!

  1. Brush Up on Road Rules

Everyone knows it’s been a while since you had to READ about the road safety rules. After you finally achieve that beautiful open licence and are deemed a savvy enough driver for Australian road, of course you don’t feel the need to KEEP reading them over the years.

Though, of course, even with practice; you can still fall behind, leaving you to a higher potential for danger in the future. Road rules can change or have rules added and even removed so it’s always worth a quick 10 minute Google search to check out if there is anything you don’t yet know about.

Something that can always be a massive help, if you have the foresight to do so, is keeping the little book you are given when studying for your license and give that a read over every now and then to remind yourself of what you already know. 10-20 minutes could be all it takes to possibly save your life or a loved one’s life one day.

  1. First Aid

Everyone has heard multiple times throughout their lives that learning first aid could be one of the most crucial skills you ever learn yet it tends to slip into the back of our minds, whether we are simply too lazy or aren’t told enough.

But this is something that should be a must if you want to have a doubled chance at survival in most situations, including driving. Learning basic first aid is definitely going to come in handy throughout your life, so why not learn how to do it?

It is a simple course that takes up barely any time at all and opens up many opportunities for you. Simple enough to find, a Google search will send you right to a place teaching this course near you as soon as tomorrow! Maybe even today!

  1. Have your Car Serviced

Yes, it is a pain and yes it can be costly if there is something wrong with your car, however can you really put a price on the head of yourself and/or your loved ones? Getting your car serviced is something very simple you can do to ensure the precautionary measures are taken that will help ensure the safety of anyone on the road that might be at risk, whether it is the people inside your car, pedestrians or another car.

Any number of accidents can be caused by faulty parts on cars. It can be as simple as no tread on the tires causing the car to lose control, or as dramatic as parts literally falling off. Whichever spot within that spectrum it sits, it is NEVER a bad idea to have your car checked for any damage.

If you have been feeling nervous on the roads lately in Australia, hopefully you’ve found some ways to easy your nerves in this list of things you can do to get yourself ready for Australian Roads.